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Amending Variation Agreements

When a separation agreement is no longer sufficient, parties may choose to enter into a variation agreement. Sometimes called an amending agreement, it is negotiated to change the existing terms of the Separation Agreement. AGB Lawyers offers legal assistance on variation agreements. We guide you through these changes to ensure that the new terms protect both parties. Variation agreements do not change the names of the parties to a separation agreement, and they are only valid with both parties’ permission. These terms must be in writing and signed by all parties in the new variation agreement. Contact us to learn more about variation agreements.

Variation Agreements Lawyers in Ottawa, ON

Validating Variation Agreements

There are a few elements that ensure a variation agreement is valid, including:

  • Mutual Agreement – Both parties must mutually agree to modify the contract, and they both must agree on the terms of the alterations.
  • Permanent Intention – The intentions of the modifications must be permanent. This ensures the change is not a temporary concession.
  • ComplianceBoth parties must follow the variations. These requirements could be set in the original contract or specified by legislation.

Reasons to Amend Separation Agreements

Modifications to a separation agreement often involve job loss, children, illness, geographic location, and special needs. We can help you draft a variation agreement that modifies the amount of child support or spousal support due to a change in income, schedules, or custody arrangements. We can also guide you to make amendments to parenting schedules due to personal changes. We also resolve issues that involve property division and pet custody. A Separation Agreement can be changed at any time and we would be pleased to assist you with initiating the process to enter into a Variation Agreement. We will help both parties make modifications to the original separation agreement at any time.