Welcome to the full-service Family Law and Dispute Resolution practice of AGB Lawyers.

Our specialized services in family practice respond to the importance of respecting the client’s core needs and interests in reliable information and strategies designed to achieve a healthy transition and restructuring through your divorce and separation experience.

Our processes are informed by proven negotiation techniques and management systems which enhance the decision-making capacity and preferred outcome potential for our clients.

The AGB Lawyers pillars of structure and success are:

Client-Centered Instructions

Before we ask you to consider hearing our recommendations, we commit to listening to you, your very unique situation, your children, your finances, your hopes and vision for a new future.  We are proud and privileged to adhere to core commitments in the professional domains of the traditional solicitor-client relationship, collaborative practice or mediation while using leading-edge process and technological innovations.  This begins with a complimentary assessment/consultation to meet and discuss moving your family matters forward in the context of problem-solving in an over-arching strategic direction.

Team Approach

A modern full-service family law firm can only achieve your success through efficiency and effectiveness. While you will surely benefit from the personal contact and hands-on responsibility of your chosen family practice professional, it is definitely a team effort at the DRC. This depth in trained administrative and accredited legal assistance will translate in a better legal services budget and more control by you in file management from start to finish.

For example, we have designed a fully committed Client Services Representative to help you navigate and succeed in your chosen process and case strategy from your very first contact. Notably, this vital sector of client support and customer satisfaction has been designed and embedded in the organization as a value-added component to our hourly rate or block fee billing arrangements.

Best Practices

Decades of demonstrated success in family law and mediation have provided us with an unparalleled focus on critical risk and file management systems. Our governing professions require our focused attention to unqualified best representation and process management; in response, we have designed and implemented clinical charting and embedded supervision which keeps your case on track on a regular and consistent basis.

Demonstrated success is derived from a well-trained and specialized staff working with talented legal services leadership. At our Chambers, your success is not only our goal, it is our culture and our commitment to you, and your family’s supported restructuring.