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Providing Legal Services to Assist With Sales of Property

Selling a home often comes with surprising fees and troubling issues. AGB Lawyers provides Ottawa, ON property owners legal guidance on home sales agreements to ensure your selling experience is quick and easy. Our full-time real estate clerks help you through the legal process of selling your home. They provide the highest level of expertise possible, letting you reap the benefits upon the sale of your home. We provide full written estimates, so you aren’t left with random fees at the last minute. Contact us today to see how we can help you sell your home without hassle.

Home Sales Agreements Services

Our experienced real estate clerk will guide you through a smooth selling transaction by offering various services, including:

  • Preparing or reviewing the sales agreement
  • Making sure your legal and financial interests are protected, for example, if the sale does not go forward as planned
  • Obtaining copies of the necessary legal documents and reviewing them to ensure you do not promise too much to the buyer
  • Calculating the total amount the buyer owes
  • Answering questions from the buyer or their lawyer regarding the property title
  • Clearing up any title issues
  • Ensuring all requirements for closing are met
  • Ensuring timely delivery of all the money owed to you upon the sale of your property