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What Is a Divorce Lawyer

According to federal and provincial regulations, any divorce and separation procedure must be guided by the Divorce Act and/or the Family Law Act. Family lawyers specialized in divorce and separation matters at AGB Lawyers, in Ottawa, must not only be skilled and knowledgeable about the Divorce Act and the Family Law Act but also capable of mediating and/or negotiating disputes to ensure a favourable outcome during a stressful process.

By choosing an Ottawa divorce lawyer from AGB Lawyers, you will have access to legal professionals specialized in the field of family law, which will grant you full ownership of your situation during the divorce and separation process.

Get in Touch With the Experts at AGB Lawyers Today

At AGB Lawyers, our divorce lawyers can also try to resolve a divorce or separation process through negotiation and/or mediation, which may simplify the process, lower costs and attempt to preserve the amicable relationship between the parties.

AGB Lawyers aims to ensure that all matters are resolved in accordance with the interests of their clients regardless of the duration of the divorce process. All available legal resources will be used to advocate for your interests during the course of the mediation, negotiation, or litigation process.

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For a free consultation with an Ottawa divorce lawyer; from AGB Lawyers to talk about protecting your rights and understanding your obligations in the event of a divorce, call us today in Ottawa or email us at