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Child support explained

The topic of child support may create a lot of debate between parents, especially during a separation or divorce. However, laws exist to keep child(ren) safe and financially supported. What is Child Support? When there are child(ren) of the relationship and the parties are in the process of a separation and/or divorce, there is a […]

Shared custody

If we have shared custody, does anyone have to pay child support?

  In most cases, the parent who does not have a primary residence of the child(ren) will be the payor parent (i.e. they will make the basic monthly child support payment to the other parent). One parent has a primary residence of the child(ren) when the child(ren) spends more than 60% of their time with […]

Child support payable

How do you calculate the amount of child support payable?

  The Federal Child Support Guidelines and/or the Child Support Guidelines allow for the calculation of the basic monthly amount of child support payable by the payor parent to the recipient parent using the payor parent’s gross annual income and the number of children for whom they owe child support. In addition, the payor parent […]

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