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Child Support Payment Process by AGB Lawyers

The Federal Child Support Guidelines and/or the Child Support Guidelines allow for the calculation of the basic monthly amount of child support payable by the payor parent to the recipient parent using the payor parent’s gross annual income and the number of children for whom they owe child support.

In addition, the payor parent may be required to contribute to the child(ren)’s Section 7 Special and Extraordinary Expenses in addition to their basic monthly child support payment. Section 7 Special and Extraordinary Expenses may include expenses for the child(ren) such as daycare/tuition, braces, and extraordinary extracurricular activities. Section 7 Special and Extraordinary Expenses are shared by the parents in proportion to their respective annual incomes.

If you would like to find out the base amount of child support payable for your child(ren), please reference the link below. You will need the payor parent’s annual income, the number of children and to note the province in which the payor parent resides.