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Mediation Marriage Contracts

A Word to Newlyweds: Mediation

The prospect of marriage sparks a wide range of new considerations which promote joint decision making. Taking on life together on life‘s terms is the crux of your informed decision to marry in the first place. Easily said but what does that actually mean when we shift the focus to better communication and effective problem-solving. […]

Divorce Resolution Chambers

Can My Ex Kick Me Out Of The House?

When a couple begins to have marital difficulties, it may not be easy to stay under the same roof.  If one spouse asks the other to leave, does the other actually have to go away? Let’s start with the type of relationship.  There are two basic situations: The couple has had a formal marriage ceremony […]

Chapter 4 Mediation The Right Fit

In our experience, it appears as though our classic participants distribute across the spectrum of younger and older individuals although ‘realism’ (i.e. acknowledge the distinct possibility of separation) seems to be a universal trait. On one side we have the younger participants, who for the most part is proactive in their thinking that separation is […]

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