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Ontario Introduces New Legislation to Simplify Family Legal Matters

The rules and procedures around family law rights in Ontario is not the simplest system to navigate, especially with all of the jargon and technical language used. But good news! The Ontario government has introduced the Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act, 2020, a piece of legislation that aims to make the family law system […]

What is spousal support?

In Ontario, spousal support is money paid from one spouse to the other for financial support upon the breakdown of a relationship. A couple is said to have been in a relationship if they were legally married; they were in a common-law relationship for at least three years; or they had a biological child or […]

Child support explained

The topic of child support may create a lot of debate between parents, especially during a separation or divorce. However, laws exist to keep child(ren) safe and financially supported. What is Child Support? When there are child(ren) of the relationship and the parties are in the process of a separation and/or divorce, there is a […]

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