AGB Lawyers (“AGBL”) is pleased to offer legal services in the field of Environmental Law!

This broad and exciting legal specialty deals with many issues, such as provincial and federal environmental legislation, as well as pollution control and the understanding of the effects of human activity on the natural environment. Furthermore, a rise in our awareness of the issues surrounding climate change has made the field of environmental law all the more relevant today.

Environmental lawyers represent a wide variety of clients in legal issues such as the management of land, contaminated sites, waste and recycling, and so much more. They have a thorough understanding of the Canadian regulatory approaches to environmental protection, and they act as both advisors to their clients and legal advocates in the protection of the environment.

AGBL is committed to providing cost effective legal services to individuals in a broad range of practice areas, such as environmental assessments and approvals, air emissions, waste and recycling, due diligence, compliance and enforcement, and more. Our firm currently has two lawyers with years of experience in agriculture and environmental law, Julian Hutchison and Donald R. Good. Mr. Good is a Senior Counsel with more than 32 years of experience providing legal services to the farmers of Ontario. His practice focuses on agriculture, food and environment law, with the majority of work in agriculture, covering corporate/commercial, industrial property, and litigation on behalf of farmers across Ontario.

Furthermore, Mr. Hutchison is a former senior environmental scientist, and he practices in our firm’s Agriculture and Environmental law and Estate Planning practice areas. He has also worked in various countries as a research scientist in the environmental science field. Furthermore, Julian holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Chemistry from the University of Nottingham (2001), and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Jamaica’s University of the West Indies (1997), and has a wealth of knowledge.

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