To ensure our clients have access to a broad range of services, AGB Lawyers maintains strategic affiliations with a variety of professional businesses and legal firms.

We have confidence that our affiliates provide the same high level of service that we insist upon and are often able to book our clients with priority appointments on short notice.


AGBL’s affiliation with other law firms enables our clients to quickly obtain a consultation in any area of law that may be outside our area of practice.

Some examples include matters related to:

    • Criminal law;
    • Bankruptcy law;
    • Taxation law; and
    • Immigration law, including business vises and permits.

AGBL is pleased to have an excellent working relationship with Donald R Good, who has been working for more than 33+ years with the Ontario farming community.

Donald R. Good, B.Sc.(Agr.), LL.B., P.Ag.  (Profile)
Agriculture, Food and Environment Law



Getting results for our clients is a role we take seriously.  But sometimes legal services are only one part of the services a client requires.

In order to provide our clients with a more complete set of services, AGBL also maintains affiliations with over 100 reputable businesses in the Ottawa area.

We are pleased to promote a holistic approach to client services: providing additional information, support and services, in an effort to improve the lives of our clients and their businesses.